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5 Easy Tips to Kickstart Fat Loss

By: Kristi Goode

As you know there is no “secret” for easy fat & weight loss. However, you can take simple actions that will in turn create sustainable results. There are multiple weight loss strategies and that can become overwhelming! You can read all the tips and tricks that have worked for others, but ultimately learning what works for you is the only way to make your journey successful. So what would it look like if you chose one or two strategies to focus on?

I can tell you that preparation and consistency are 2 keys to sustainable fat loss. But how does one create a simple routine for preparation and at the same time keep consistent? First you must know where you are starting from. In other words, what is your goal? And from there declare a few simple actions to take that first step! Here’s a few of my favorite tips to kickstart fat loss:

1. Journal your intake.

It all starts with awareness. If you’re not aware of what you’re taking in, then how will you know where you are starting from? Or where you can start making simple changes? Simply use a pen and paper, a journal logbook, or a food tracker app to journal your intake. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a simple way for you to write down everything you consume. An even better way to view your overall intake is to write it down for 7 days straight. Viewing a whole week will give you a better perspective of where you are and let you create a plan for where you want to go! What you put into your body makes a difference in your health and your weight.

2. Write down your favorite protein choices.

Protein is the most satiating of the three macronutrients. Meaning it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. When you balance protein throughout your meals you’re less likely to be ravenous by the time lunch rolls around. Eating more protein has other benefits, too! It’s important for building and maintaining muscle and adequate protein consumption helps avoid muscle loss, especially when you lose weight quickly! Aiming for 20 grams of protein to start your day will not only leave you satisfied until lunch, but also keep your blood sugar more balanced. Protein options include chicken, beef, pork, eggs, tuna, fish, dairy, tofu, tempeh, seitan and more.

3. Google quick grab and go breakfast ideas.

It’s so easy to look up quick and simple make ahead breakfasts these days. Rather than skipping breakfast or grabbing something at the drive-thru on your way to work or school, you can start by looking at these budget and calorie friendly breakfast options.

Think of oats. There are so many variations and recipes. Plus, they are great to cook in large batches for breakfasts. Oats are also a great source of soluble fiber, which helps you feel more satisfied after eating them and less hungry by lunchtime. Oats contain a small amount of protein, too. Egg cups can also be made in advance and then warmed up later. Over time, after consuming more protein and fiber you may start to notice you’re actually eating less calories and maintaining or even losing weight.

4. Schedule it!

Take the first action by scheduling your make ahead breakfast like you would an appointment. Then, plan to make a simple breakfast for just 2 days in a row the first week. Surprisingly, there are even recipes that cook while you sleep! As I said before, planning ahead is one of the easiest things you can do to set yourself up for successful and sustainable fat loss. It not only curbs the last-minute coffee house stops & fast-food drive-thru visits, but will also help you save time, calories and money! You may even be inspired to introduce new meals into your weekly preparation routine. It may not be sound easy, but it is simple!

5. Pack your breakfast the night before.

Packing your breakfast, the night before, will get you out of that “I don’t have time” mentality. So often we use the excuse of “I don’t have time”. When in actuality you can create the time the night before to keep you moving in the right direction! When mornings are hectic, it’s easy to just hit a drive through or pick up a muffin at a local coffee shop. Especially when your grab and go breakfast is still in the baking dish from the day before. And cooking a balanced breakfast from scratch every morning isn’t realistic for most. It can make your morning go much more smoothly if you’ve prepped breakfast ahead of time and pre-portioned out servings into storage containers.

Using these tips will help you get moving in the right direction toward reaching your goals. I challenge you to just follow the first tip this week. Journal all your intake and go from there! Just keep in mind that it may not seem easy, but it can be simple!

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