Learn How to do Hard Things

Updated: Nov 2

By: Jennifer Hefner


“Always go with the choice that scares you most,

because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.”

~Caroline Myss~

Ok, if I am being honest, this is probably my favorite topic. I love “the hard”. I love what comes with “the hard”. And I can speculate as to where this comes from for me, I think it comes from my competitive nature from a very young age. I love the challenge of competition, the challenge of mastery. This doesn’t mean that I am masterful at everything or anything. But what it means is that I love challenges and “the hard”. I love the feeling after finishing “the hard”.

I get it- most people do not like to do hard things. I believe that this is something that starts at a young age. I am making a generalization here, as I have not researched this officially. But what I have observed after having children, coaching adolescents for over 15 years as well as working in the school system, working in health care and currently working in the college realm- those individuals who learn how to do hard things at a young age are more confident, have better coping skills, and are comfortable with getting uncomfortable. And what I mean by being “comfortable with getting uncomfortable” is that they focus on the goal instead of how uncomfortable or hard the process might be.

I believe we are all capable of doing hard things. This comes with training our minds, training ourselves to “get uncomfortable” and understanding that in the end we will be “ok”. Did you ever think when you were a tween or teen that you would just “die from embarrassment?” Oh, I can remember