Acts of Kindness

By: Jennifer Hefner


As I started preparing for this blog post, I was in my kitchen at 5am making a couple of my college players my “famous” homemade pumpkin donuts and energy protein balls. Yes, I broke all my rules of getting up before 6am- for my college gals. As I was getting out all the ingredients and listening to the beautiful sound of silence, the happiness of my heart got my attention. Here I was, up before dawn on what was going to be an extremely busy day for me, making donuts and energy balls for two girls who were BEAMING the day before when they asked me to make them these treats. And, as you can expect from me, I got tears in my eyes knowing that this little act of kindness was going to brighten their day. It is the week of midterms, which correlates to high stress for these college kids. They are five hours away from home, and all they needed in that moment was for someone to care about them and bring them a treat. They will have the best day EVER when they get these!

To back up a second, this topic was NOT what I was going to write about for this blog. But I couldn’t stop thinking about my players and what they go through in a college volleyball season. The ups and downs of victory and defeat. The 6am workouts, the blood, sweat, and tears that is required of athletes, the studying they do on the vans to be able to complete their assignments- and the magic dust required to bring a little joy to them is food! Yes, that act of kindness that makes all their stress and anxiety disappear for a few minutes when they get a little treat that has been made just for them.

Last weekend I made a couple of new soups to try. Both our daughters were home from college, their boyfriends were over, and I thought they would be great taste testers. And they are so honest about their likes and dislikes of any of my dishes, so I knew I could count on them. And believe me, after they eat in the cafeteria all week, they will try anything homecooked. And as expected, I received excellent reviews, except from Shea. She is much more critical, as she usually lives off Chick fila- and who can compete with Chick fila!?! But I don’t take offense to this as I love Chick fila too!

With this, I decided to share my soups with my in-laws. And I will put it out there, my father-in-law never holds back either with his reviews, lol!!! Yes, I must put “lol” because he is such a great guy and so funny. I love to hear his reviews because they are just so honest. And as I expected they loved the soups! Both soups had ingredients I knew they liked so I figured both would be a hit. But more than that I was just happy to take them a little taste of fall and brighten their day.