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Be Consistent with Your Workout Schedule

By: Amanda Thompson

Be Consistent with Your Workout Schedule

Let’s face it you are busy. Between work schedules, kid’s schedules, catching up on your ‘to do list’ you barely have time to slow down and focus on yourself let alone fit in a workout. You hear over and over how important exercise is for a healthy lifestyle. But how do you bring consistency to your workout schedule without feeling overwhelmed?

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Start small

When starting something new it’s easy to overcommit. In your head you feel a 30 minute workout five days a week is doable, but is it realistic? Start with what you know you can accomplish. That may mean it’s one day a week for a while. The key to getting started is to be consistent. As you gain confidence increase your workouts to two days a week, then three, etc. until you have reached the number of days that work best for you.

2. Do Short Workouts

There is no written rule that says, “unless you work out for 30 minutes each day it’s not worth your time”. It is true the more you work out the quicker you will see results but if you’re just getting started focus on fitting it into your day. A high energy workout of 10-20 minutes a day can provide health benefits similar to workouts of longer duration but moderate intensity (1, 2). These workouts could be a round of squats and lunges while you wait for your coffee to brew, short walks with a burst of quick walking or running throughout your day or marching in place while watching your favorite tv show and sprint in place during the commercials.

3. Put Your Workout on Your Calendar

When it’s on your calendar it’s a commitment. Treat your workout time as you would any other commitment. Look at your schedule and determine when you can fit in 10-20 minutes of time to move. This can be all at once or sporadically throughout your day. Consider it a contract to show up for yourself and make it fun!

4. Set a goal

Do you notice when you have a deadline on the calendar it gets done? Set a goal each week for your workout. When starting out this goal could be as simple as show up Monday at 5pm for a workout of your choice. As you see consistency in your workouts change up what you do each week to create variety and prevent boredom.

5. Accountability Partner

Accountability partners are amazing humans. They check in on you, make sure you are doing ok, and help you make progress toward your goals. Your accountability partner can be anyone but get specific when you start to narrow down the person for you. Ask yourself who do I feel comfortable reaching out to when I need help? Who will challenge me when I’m feeling stuck? Having a person that meets those requirements will help you stay accountable and build a strong foundation for yourself.


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