Becoming Action Oriented

By: Jennifer Hefner

HH Mindset: Becoming Action Oriented

Successful people develop a sense of urgency

and actually take actions, rather than talking continually about

what they are going to do.

~Brian Tracy~

I’m just going to get to it today! Are you an ACTION ORIENTED individual? Do you take action in life or do you let life happen to you? Do you feel like everything happens to you? Are you the “woe is me” type? Maybe you are or maybe you know someone like this. I truly believe there are times we need to be silent, sit back, let life happen. Let things play out. Let things evolve. Then I truly believe there are times we as individuals need to TAKE ACTION! We need to quit feeling sorry for ourselves, for our situations, quit making excuses and playing the blame game, take the reigns and get busy!

I think some people are naturally “action oriented” people. I am sure you know someone like this. They exhume confidence, they are “busy” doing life, they don’t let hiccups get in the way. So how does someone become “action oriented”? Is it possible to become action oriented if you aren’t natural at it? Well, like anything else in life I would say YES! Anything is possible! It may take a little work, but we can do it!

Since we are working towards becoming healthier versions of ourselves, we will apply the concept of becoming action oriented to our health journey for reference here. As I was researching for this blog, it dawned on me that a lot of the concepts for being “action oriented” coincide with many topics we have been covering throughout the mindset process. You may see these as duplications, but obviously they are all intertwined for improved mindset. I found some great points from and that will be a great reminder as we push forward in our journeys.