Creating a Positive Mindset


“Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.”

~John Wooden~

Have you ever stopped and really looked at your life or actions? Are you happy? Do you enjoy your days? Are you optimistic? Are you a positive person? These are questions that many people do not really stop to think about. Yes, I will most definitely admit that I am an overthinker most of the time. I probably drive my husband crazy! I am a dreamer. I am a goal setter. I am the one that pays close attention to details- all the way down to the microscopic potato chip crumb that drops to the floor when I am snacking! But in all honesty, taking time to sit down and think about how we are currently living and deciding on how we WANT to live can be a game changer in creating a positive life.

There is NOTHING we can’t do! I firmly believe that. Now, before you start arguing with me, let me elaborate. I might not be a licensed medical doctor, but I can be the best “doctor” to my kids. I might not be a schoolteacher in the school system, but I can most definitely create an awesome learning environment in my home, have awesome school supplies available, and help my kids with creating study skills. I might not be able to buy the $1 million house, but I can have pride in the home we are able to purchase and create a cozy, beautiful space.

Do you see where I am going with this? It is all in our mindset. Instead of seeing what I am not or what I don’t have, I am looking at what I can do or be. So, let’s talk a little about this positive mindset and how to start creating it.

LIVE INTENTIONALLY! I can’t stress this enough. Instead of going through our day on cruise control, start paying attention to WHAT you are doing. Are you doing things that you enjoy, that add value or joy to your life? Are you eating foods that are meeting your nutritional needs or helping with your healthy lifestyle change/journey? Ask yourself this every time you reach for food. Are you happy with where you are currently? Your job? Your relationships? You can change any of these things. Are you wasting time on social media or gaming? I know I get so mad at myself if I waste time scrolling through social media. </