Healthy Face: Catie Wilson

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, what you do here in our community, etc.

Hi my name is Catie Wilson, I am the daughter of Shawn and Nicole Wilson and I have two younger sisters, Madie and Allie. I am an Exercise Physiology major at WVU getting ready to graduate here in December. I have been studying to take my MCAT this summer. I love summer because we get to spend it boating at Tygart Lake.

2. Favorite healthy meal?

I love avocado toast in the morning. I guess my easy go-to meal would be cod with a vegetable quinoa mix.

3. Favorite workout?

When I am up at school I find that HIIT workouts work best for me because I can get a lot in in a short amount of time. I usually try and alternate lifting and HIIT throughout the week. During the summer I like to run around town and go lift with Madie.