Healthy Face: Cheryl Farley

Today’s Healthy Face is Cheryl Farley, Manager of UHCCardiac and Pulmonary Rehab and avid wellness advocate. Learn all about her wellness journey and get some valuable insight below!

1. What's your favorite motivational/self-help book?

I don't really have one. My mom gives me a Daily Devotional book from Guideposts every year and I enjoy reading those, but my motivation comes from within. I enjoy starting each day and seeing where the it takes me. I am blessed with a wonderful family and I enjoy going to work and I enjoy helping with my grandchildren when I'm not at work.

2. Favorite Healthy Meal?

We eat a LOT of chicken, but my favorite healthy meal is baked pecan crusted salmon, grilled asparagus, and a twice baked potato made with skim milk and fat free sour cream.