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Healthy Face: Jaclyn Belcastro

Each week, Healthy Bridgeport features a "Healthy Face." Today, we shine the spotlight on Jaclyn (Ross) Belcastro.

Please share a little about yourself .. your family, job, hobbies?

I own a therapy business - Creative Therapeutic Solutions, LLC that focusing on treating children ages birth-three. I am blessed to have an amazing therapy team alongside me. I am also a brand promoter for a health & wellness company. I am married and have 3 beautiful children. My family and I enjoy spending time at Tygart Lake! We enjoy the outdoors and traveling as much as we can! We have been fortunate to be able to travel for free about 3x a year with our company.

What’s your favorite motivational self-help book?

The Bible

What is your favorite healthy meal?

Our household loves salmon! We enjoy a good salmon salad or salmon with veggies and sweet potato. We love anything made on the grill.

What is your favorite workout?

I definitely like to mix it up! Nothing beats the outdoors and fresh air!

How do you fit health and wellness into your busy lifestyle?

I’m really blessed that I have built health and wellness into both my personal and professional life. I’ve always had the passion to help others! I went to college to become an Occupational Therapist just for that reason! I’ve been able to expand beyond being a therapist and have also become an entrepreneur and help people from all over the world. I am so blessed to have the best of both worlds right now; especially being able to stay home with my children which was my ultimate goal in life! I am very grateful!

What is your favorite motivational quote?

I have a ton of favorite quotes, but my motto is “Faith Over Fear”

Tell us about your health journey and how it started?

I’ve always been an athlete and very active, but my journey in health & wellness started when I lost my dad at a young age! It then grew even more important when I became a mom! I realized I was laying on the couch praying for nap time - when all I ever wanted to be in life was a MOM! I knew something had to change, so I could be the mom I always dreamed of being! I made a lifestyle change and added supplements and nutrition into my daily lifestyle and it’s been beyond a blessing for me and my family! These healthy lifestyle changes also led to somewhat of a career change as well.

What are some easy habits you recommend to someone just beginning their health journey?

I truly believe your journey starts with mindset. Identifying your bad or unhealthy habits, believing in yourself, removing the negative triggers in your life, and holding yourself accountable to make those changes or even finding an accountability partner.

If healthy living feels elusive to you, your own mindset could be the only thing stopping you from a healthy life. All it takes is that first step to push you to move forward and the courage to keep going if you hiccup along the way! Give yourself GRACE and NEVER GIVE UP! Set small goals and start making changes gradually!

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