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Healthy Face: Jaryn Dodrill

Each week, Healthy Bridgeport features a "Healthy Face." Today, we feature Bridgeport's Jaryn Dodrill. Learn about her and what motivates her health and fitness journey here:


My name is Jaryn Dodrill. I’m a senior at WVU and I major in Exercise Physiology. I am going to Chiropractic school at Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta Georgia after undergrad to pursue a career as a chiropractor. I grew up in Bridgeport WV. My parents are Jim and Jennifer Dodrill and I have two older brothers Max and Joseph. I also have two dogs Piper and Paylin (pay pay). I’m a waitress at the Bridgeport Country Club.


What is your favorite motivational book? I don’t really have a favorite motivational book, I guess the Bible if that counts.


What's your favorite healthy meal? My favorite healthy meal right now is probably an Ali’s Greek Salad.


What is your favorite workout? In the summer I like to run or walk outside as my workout, but I always enjoy strength training as well. I love to take the Body by Barbell class at WV Fitness with my best friend Madison.


How do you fit health and wellness into your busy schedule? I try to get a workout in whenever I can, however, if I’m being honest, I don’t always make the best decisions when making healthy food choices. I’m no stranger to mac n cheese and French fries when I’m busy and have definitely eaten more Dairy queen blizzards than I can count.


When did your health journey begin? I have always been pretty active my whole life. I danced and swam growing up and into high school, but I really started going to the gym and running when I started college. I was also one of those people that used quarantine as a time to get in shape and  ran with my boyfriend Jacob (Perine) almost every day.


What are some easy healthy habits someone can work into their routine? The best habits when trying to start a fitness journey is to drink a lot of water and try to move your body in whatever way that feels good to you. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t the best workout in the world; it only matters that you did it. Also make sure to pat yourself on the back when you’re done because it can be really hard to get your body moving so you should be proud of yourself when you do.

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