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Healthy Face- Melissa Suter

This week’s Healthy Face is Melissa Suter. She shares workout and nutrition tips – as well as what motivates her – below.

1) I do not really have a favorite self-help book, but I enjoy reading true life stories of people overcoming obstacles and succeeding in life.

2) One of my favorite healthy meals is Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole and Paleo Brownies.

3) One of my favorite workouts is a CrossFit workout called Fran, which includes thrusters and pull ups. I also enjoy doing dumbbell workouts at home with my husband.

4) I make it a point to set aside time each morning for my workouts, which usually start at 4 a.m. before everyone else gets up. I also keep healthy snacks ready for grabbing and cook healthy meals for dinner.

5) ​A favorite saying or motivational speech I give myself is "You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great" which means that you never know how you will do with a task until you actually do it!

6) ​I have always been conscious of my body, especially in middle school. I come from a family of overweight people and knew that I didn't want to be one. I really got into the nutrition side of fitness and health about 8 years ago at CrossFit. I realized that the more I worked out, the more I needed to fuel my body. I have been doing CrossFitnow for about 10 years after a friend introduced me to it. I was hooked after one workout.

7) Some small habits to start in your fitness journey is to do an activity that you enjoy and try to make it fun so that you look forward to doing it. For me, it’s the people I work out with. I also recommend small changes to your diet at a time. Maybe swapping out water for soda or grilled foods instead of fried.

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