Healthy Face: Parker Sheppard

You may know Parker Sheppard from seeing him run through town or through the amazing photos he takes. This Bridgeport High School graduate and West Virginia University student is today’s Healthy Face. Meet him here:

1. What’s your favorite motivational self-help book?

I like to read a lot and think it’s important for everyone to read but I’ve never found interest in reading self-help books. I do listen to podcasts on the topic. My favorite podcast currently is The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial.

2. What is your favorite healthy meal?

My favorite healthy meal is some form of salmon usually with asparagus and sweet potatoes.

3. Favorite workout?

I have a lot of ways that I enjoy working

out. It really depends on the day. I usually do CrossFit every day, but I also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and trail running as well.

4. How do you fit health and wellness into your busy lifestyle?

Fitting health and wellness into my life is tricky. It really takes a lot of discipline, especially getting started. Once you do it for long enough, it starts to become an essential part of your day. I know that I don’t function as well and don’t have the same energy levels on days that I don’t work out and don’t eat healthy.