No Pain, No Gain….right?!?

Author: Christa Randolph- Physical Therapist

Getting Started

Congratulations on your new commitment to your health. As this new journey starts, there is bound to be speed bumps that you encounter. Here are some helpful tips to allow you to listen to your body so that your experience can be both beneficial and effective.

It is inevitable that as you begin new routines, your body will begin to respond in different ways (YAY…right?!) It is important to be able to discern when your body is giving you a “normal” response to training and when your body is giving you a “warning sign”. Below is the most relatable pain chart that I have ever seen! Not all responses require you to shut down your program and your progress and sometimes, it is super important to slow it down or rest to allow your body to heal. Obviously, any concerns should be discussed with a medical provider.

When to keep going