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Outdoor Workout

The weather is finally turning, so enjoy this fun and modifiable workout, courtesy of the training staff at WV Fitness 24.


  • We recommend writing down the exercises, or printing out from here, so you have it handy during your workout. Or, even better, open the Healthy Bridgeport App and follow from there!

  • Go at your own pace. This video is sped up in order to allow you to see all of the exercises. We recommend doing this workout HIIT style, meaning pick a "work" time and a "rest" time. (To learn more about HIIT ratios and how to use them, check out this link)

  • Make sure to have your water handy!

  • We recommend after deciding how many reps, or HIIT ratio you are using, to have some of your favorite tunes to motivate you through this workout.


  1. Tricep Dips into single leg bridge - Make sure shoulders are back and down, chest stays lifted, and core is engaged. Heel stays on the ground.

  2. Step Up into Reverse Lunge with Burpee- To modify you can omit the burpee, or if you want to do the burpee, omit the reverse lunge.

  3. Jump Squats into Toe Taps- Knees behind your toes, hips back. Soft landing on the jump. To modify change the jump squat, to a squat.

  4. Pushup into Mountain Climbers- This incline pushup can be progressed to a full plank pushup and mountain climber combo. Make sure to keep neck in line with spine during your pushup.

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