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By: Jennifer Hefner


“It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Oh the holidays! All the pretty lights, decorations, holiday parties! The delicious food, holiday drinks, Hallmark movies. Football games, food spreads, drinks, and cookie platters! Quiet nights by the fire, soothing music, decadent desserts, wine, and warm blankets. Champagne, toasting to the new year, making resolutions- the lists go on and on! However you spent the holiday season, hopefully you had some time to relax, enjoy your loved ones and made some wonderful memories.

The holidays can be some of the best and worst times for many individuals. The season can be lonely for some or overwhelming for others. Many of us try to create the “perfect” holiday for our family instead of taking time to enjoy the celebration. We go into overdrive trying to get a BILLION things done and this can really create an overwhelmed, exhaustive mindset. Our schedules get a little off balance, full of “extras” during this exciting time.

If you are a person that slows down this time of year- CONGRATULATIONS!!! You definitely get a high five from me! I am still waiting for this phase in life, maybe it comes after your kids move out. Or maybe I just need to learn to stop creating the busyness. Either way, I have learned how to let go of holiday guilt that can consume us after all the hustle and bustle stops and we get back to somewhat of a normal schedule again.

Today, I am going to share with you some tips for overcoming the HOLIDAY GUILT. If you are someone that is feeling this, it can definitely send you into a downward spiral in your health journey and that is what we want to avoid. So if you feel like you overindulged in some sweet treats, savory dishes, or festive cocktails, or maybe you didn’t get your workouts done consistently, here is some perspective for you to help ditch the holiday guilt.

First off, remind yourself that Christmas and New Year’s happen once a year! You have the right to create some wonderful holiday memories with your loved ones. So, enjoy the memories you made, all the smiles, hugs and laughter that took place. Grandma Goldie’s special Christmas cookies or Uncle Chip’s homemade eggnog should be celebrated! Those traditions that help us remember loved ones should be enjoyed without any guilt.

Second, you get to make the choice to get back into your schedule. You have a superpower! Yes, you get to activate that superpower of making good choices. Getting back into your healthy routine of meal planning/prepping, consistent workouts, journaling, self-improvement reading, and positive self-talk is completely in your control. If you look at the holiday as a “vacation”, you can accept that you gave yourself permission for a short break. Those few days or week of “vacation” will be an afterthought once you get back into your routine.

Lastly, show yourself some grace! How would you feel if someone started belittling your child about what they ate? Or if they degraded your child for taking a few days off to enjoy playing some games with their family? We get upset when we hear other individuals talk harshly to our kids, but we usually talk the unkindest to ourselves. So take a deep breath, talk kind to yourself, and show yourself some grace!

Focusing on the memories and wonders of the season can bring perspective to each of us. Each day is a new day to work on ourselves and make progress. Building trust with ourselves is an important tool that will help us navigate the times in our lives that we take those short “vacations” to enjoy special moments, special recipes- all the things we should enjoy!

~Jennifer Hefner, Mindset Coach~

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