Rustic Banana Walnut Breakfast Cookies: Low Sugar

By Kristi Goode:

It's funny how our minds work. And when and where you get ideas. I came up with an idea for a recipe while sitting in the eye doctors office. While waiting for my sons eyes to dilate...I was thinking of food! Not uncommon for this gal. I was thinking of banana cookies. (I know...who thinks of banana cookies?) Is that possible? Why yes, anything's possible! After shuttling my son back to school I headed home to test this recipe that I had somehow concocted in my mind.

I LOVE bananas. We have always kept bananas in our house. Long before the 21DSD. (For anyone who doesn't know, I'm a 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach). And the best part? I like them still partially green, just like they are supposed to be on the detox. Quick nutrition tip: the greener the banana, the less sugar (carbohydrates) it contains. The more ripe, or brown, a banana, the higher in carbohydrates. However, bananas are a good nutrient dense carbohydrate source. And they are great for sweetening food naturally.