Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

By: Jennifer Hefner


“There is one thing that you’re better at than other people:

Being YOU.”

~Author Unknown~

Yes, we all do it. We look at that friend or coworker that just looks like they have it all. You know the story- dream job, perfect spouse, perfect kids, beautiful home, perfect body. Movie-like, right? The reality is, we are seeing what we want to see. We are so focused on looking at others’ “perfection” and this can become detrimental to our own progress in our life journey. To add to this, the social media craze has created a fabrication of life for the most part. It is a “highlight reel,” the beautiful moments of most people’s lives. And coming from a person who watches “highlight reels” of sports recruits more than the Netflix binger binges, I can tell you one thing- those highlight reels are just that- a small highlight of a great moment in time, but not a true representation of daily living. What I am getting at- STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS!

Comparing ourselves to others can go one of two ways- we can be impacted positively or negatively. Unfortunately, we can get into a spiral and be impacted negatively and this can really impact our health journey. Yes, we have previously talked about seeing someone that has it “together” and we said to go learn how they have succeeded in their journey. But there is a difference between learning and comparing. So, let’s take a look at WHY we need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

As I did some research on the effects of comparing ourselves to others, I found some interesting points from the website “The Law of Attraction”. When we compare ourselves to others, we start to see their strengths, but focus on our weaknesses. We see their achievements, but our lack of achievements. This can lead to jealousy, resenting the other person. Then, you guessed it, all of a sudden our self-esteem and confidence has sunk to the bot