The 5 Secret Tips to Holiday Weight Loss Without Skipping the Holiday Gatherings!

By: Kristi Goode

Want to learn a few ways (secrets) to navigate the holidays this year? Can you believe that there is exactly 44 days before January first? That’s a long time! What does that bring up for you regarding holiday treats or foods? Excitement? Stress? Worry? Because if you have experienced this in the past or right now… you’re not alone!

Let me ask you what stories you’ve told yourself in the past, or maybe even right now going into this holiday season? Maybe that it has not worked in the past? And each holiday you’ve fallen off track? Maybe you believe that you don’t have willpower or that you just lack discipline. Do you see others who can eat all the cookies and not gain that holiday weight and you’re wondering why does that not work for me? Am I broken? Or you may be thinking, “how do they do it?” Don’t let your brain use what happened in the past to predict the future or how the next 44 days will go! So, how can you finally let go of these old stories and DECIDE this year will be different? Because this is an essential part of your journey and I want to show you what’s possible. I want you to be able to make a choice & be in control.